Engineered wood flooring


What can engineered wood flooring do for you?

Engineered wood flooring is a part of the hardwood flooring line but offers options, characteristics, and benefits that are slightly different from solid wood. If you're looking for the perfect wood floor, these differences may matter immensely to you. That's why we're offering the following facts for your consideration to help you make the most informed decision for your household, so read along now to find out more about them.

Why choose engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring features a different construction than solid wood. The construction of engineered products begins with layers of plywood, perpendicularly placed and topped with a veneer of natural solid hardwood. To this, a top wear layer is added, giving you layers of stability, functionality, and protection, all with visuals that look exactly like solid hardwood.

Since solid wood cannot be installed below grade in areas such as basements, engineered wood flooring is an excellent alternative for this requirement. In addition, it performs better in spaces where dampness, humidity, and temperature changes occur frequently. It's a benefit that can be just as beneficial in other areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, and we'll discuss all these options if they are needs you currently are considering.

Engineered hardwood flooring also offers the advantage of a quicker and easier installation since the products can be floated in nearly any space. Various installation methods allow you to click these pieces together instead of nailing or gluing them into place, which means you’ll be walking on your floors sooner. If you’re ready to look at these materials today, visit us for more information and service whenever you’re in the area.

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